Pictures Speak A Thousand Words in Your Rewards Program

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words in Your Rewards Program

Pictures are an essential part of every successful advertising program. Pictures provide customers with information about a products such as what it s and what it can do thereby providing incentive for the customers to purchase the product. Pictures perform a similar function in a reward program. Similar to product advertisement, reward programs require pitches. Pictures are an essential part of reward programs as they can help highlight the purpose of the reward program and what the program does for the customers.

Here is a list of six reasons that you should include pictures in your reward program.

1. People Expect Pictures

Pictures form an integral part of business and social life today. Various social media platforms such Facebook and Twitter and mobile apps such as Instagram have popularised the sharing of pictures. Moreover, mobile devices have made the taking of pictures a part of everyday life. It comes as no surprise therefore, that customers expect pictures to be a part of your reward program. The popularity of pictures continue to grow with every year. For example, 10% of all pictures taken in history were taken in the past year. This highlights the increasing importance of pictures in everyday life of people.

Because of the increasing popularity of pictures and the ease of their integration into your rewards program, there is no reason why you should not include them. Reward program platforms such as PRM Marketing Services Pte Ltd makes it easier for you to integrate photos into your reward program. With this ease, customers have the expectation that you will make pictures a part of your reward program. You can choose to integrate pictures at every stage of your reward program or at specific intervals. If you fail to integrate photos in your program you risk the customers turning their eyes and business away from you.

2. Pictures are Easy to Understand

The message being conveyed by a picture is easy to understand irrespective of the customer’s origin. The message conveyed in a picture transcends gender, age, and language boundaries. It is therefore easy for you to convey message in this visual form to customers from around the world with no need for translations or context. Moreover, pictures are a way to summarize your complicated pictures in a form that the human brain can understand and interpret in a few seconds. As the attention span of people continues to decrease, you need a way to convey your message in a short time. Pictures form an important way of conveying your message to your customers. For example, pictures are important element to include in your program’s explainer page. Pictures are an essential means to ensure that all your customers get involved in your rewards program.

3. Pictures Capture and Communicate Emotion

Pictures can capture emotion in ways that may be impossible to describe using mere words. Body sign is more effective in communicating emotion that words, and since pictures can capture body language and facial expressions in ways that words cannot, pictures are a more effective way of communicating emotions.

It is necessary that you capture the desire of people to communicate emotion with others through your reward program. Since the reward program is geared towards making the customers happy, pictures can help you communicate the happiness that the customers would achieve by participating in the program. The pictures would help you capitulate on people’s desire to achieve happiness. For example, if customers see pictures of other people being happy because of participating in the reward program, they are more likely to participate in the program as they desire to achieve the same level of happiness.

4. Pictures Capture the Attention of Customers

As pictures continue to form an increasingly important part of everyday life, their importance in capturing the attention of people continue to grow. In the online platforms that are populated by images, content that lacks such images is likely to fail to attract the attention of readers. For example, statistics indicate that blogs with images attract 94% more readers than those without.

The pictures capture and retain the attention of the customers who you wish to participate in your reward program. People’s eyes are naturally attracted to the pictures and they can be an important way of capturing the attention of customers before they can read what your reward program is all about. For example, including your company logo and your company’s color in the program’s promotion is likely to capture the interest of the customers in a way that would never could. To make the content of your reward program even more engage, you can opt to use video. This introduces a sense of dynamism and life to your promotion and can help the customers interact more with your promotion through the allure of the play button.

5. Pictures are the easiest Way to Communicate Your Brand

Just as colors and shapes are the basic components of pictures, they are also the essential components of your brand language. Developing a brand for your store is essential as it helps differentiate the store from its competitors. It is also a means to help your customers identify your products. Branding is therefore an important way of connecting you reward program with your products.

By incorporating your brand image in the reward program, customers are able to identify with the reward program. For example, the customers can trust the quality of the reward program based on the quality of the services that they receive from your store. Customers are therefore likely to participate in a reward program just because it is associated with your store. Branding helps create customer loyalty and such loyalty is essential in getting customers to participate in programs such as your reward program. For example, statistics indicate that 63% of all consumers believe that product images are more important than ratings and reviews.

6. Pictures Enhance the Memories of your Program

The human brain is capable of storing visual information for longer periods than any other form of input. Therefore, using pictures as part of your reward program is likely to make the program more memorable for your customers. Pictures have therefore become an increasingly important part of programs such as referral programs. Incorporation of pictures that capture the attention of your customers and communicate the motive of the rewards program is therefore an important way to get more customers to participate in the program.