Download these 5 Free Apps to Finding a Local Travel Buddy

Free Apps to Finding a Local Travel Buddy

Imagine yourself arriving for your flight at some ungodly hour, proceeding to the airline desk to check in. Only to find out that, horror of horrors, your flight left at 4 pm that afternoon. Ouch! How about this one: You finally arrive at your destination, and to your astonishment, there is no beach in sight. Unfortunately, travel nightmares such as these do happen sometimes.

How to prevent this from happening

Stay updated with up-to-the-minute flight and travel information. There are many different mobile apps that you can download so that you are always in the loop. Last-minute flight cancellations can’t always be avoided, but with the help of a travel app, you can at least prepare for an extra night’s accommodation. Mobile apps are great for keeping you posted on delays and cancellations. Below are some wonderful travel apps that you may use, they include:

1. Vayable

There are a number of places that one can visit in all over the world. Tours are quite affordable and enjoyable across the continent. Metropolitan cities are full of history while at the same time remaining modern and relevant to any visitor. It’s a good idea for anyone who hasn’t visited to book at least one trip to go to any place in the world. Tours are easily available and relatively well priced with the Vayable app.

The Vayable app will give you a platform for you to choose different traveling destinations with unique experiences such as museum visits, boat cruising, walking tours, shopping, tasting cultural foods and wines. This app quickly gives you a list of ideas that will make your tour more exciting.

The app also gives you a chance to estimate your budget, and it quickly gives you a quick description of what you are looking for.It will also match your query with the best local guides. Once you are done interacting with the app and find a suitable destination, book the tour online, and Vayable will do the rest. Vayable is also a socializing app where people share their different kinds of experiences.People do share their testimonials and also act as referrals.

2. TourBar

TourBar is a new social networking mobile app on the market today. It is designed to help travelers find a date or travel companion to travel with them on a trip. Members also have the option of registering as local guides, where they act as single-traveler city guides or as single travelers to a new destination.

Members can also sign up to explore both options. The TourBar app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android smartphones. It is especially interesting for those who like to travel and would like to get to know fellow travelers who do not have their own traveling plans. In this way, city guides can host their city and guide arriving travelers around the destination.

TourBar also unites solo members with similar travel interests who travel to the same destination. One of the main benefits for single people who choose to join members on the site is that by choosing their interests when registering, they can trust their new partner to share similar interests and a passion for travel.

3. Tripr

Tripr works closely like TourBar in the sense of socializing with other travelers. This app allows you to connect with different kinds of people all over the world who are passionate about traveling. The app allows you to share your experiences with others. Travel dating is one feature of the app which helps you select a suitable tour date and also plans an itinerary for you.It brings together people who would like a similar experience regardless of the sex.Tripr allows tourists to improve their socializing skills in their trips by introducing them to people in the same place, at the same time even before they get there.Once a connection is made between the two adventurous people immediate connection is done through Facebook.

4. EatWith

EatWith allows you enjoy a booked meal with total strangers in one table. The guests select a destination and the meal they would want.Mostly, the destination is mainly in a chef’s home, who are vetted by the app to meet the qualification needed.

Amateur chefs are highly welcomed and are advised to register with them so that you can become one of the hosts and improve your skills.It is an exciting experience meeting with different people of diverse culture, trying their foods and learning more about the pace you’re visiting through this amazing app EatWith.

5. PartyWith

Wedding, parties, business events, receptions all are very important for us. These are those times that we wish to remember for our lifetime. We all want to cherish these moments in the coming future. These celebrations are very special for everyone because such moments never return.

PartyWith connects people who love to party and attending social events.This app allows you to inform people of a party of a particular status that people nearby would enjoy attending.It connects more than 150000 party animals in over 150 travel destinations.It’s not meant for hookups or connection but an informer on where a fancy party may be located.

New, fresh and unique ideas of parties belong in here.If you throw a party, you will surely get an opportunity to spend memorable and golden time with the ones you love an unbelievable experience is to have a place all set to give you pleasure and peace at the same time

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